Monday, December 1, 2014


I did it once, can't wait to shave my head again! I'm signed up as a virtual event since I have not chosen a location--I may shave my head at home but will have it on video!

On March 8, 2014, I had my head shaved after raising $2,610 for St. Baldrick's, in honor of Cannon Wiggins, who is now NED (No Evidence of Disease). 

This year, as his mama says, GO BIG OR GO HOME! My goal is $5000!

I am forever The Bald Avenger, raising money for research to find better treatments and a cure! I'm fighting for those kids who are battling for their lives and for those who have passed away from this cruel disease.

With the holidays upon us, a donation to St. Baldrick's makes a truly thoughtful gift that will go toward research grants to find better treatments, and an END TO KID'S CANCER. For every donation over $25 I will send a personalized card to your recipient.

The Bald Avenger has more surprises planned so make sure to follow me! (Links coming soon!)

I am doing a virtual shave as of right now, but may change to a team as more form in 2015. I WILL be shaving my head again!! It may have taken me over 40 years to find my mission in life, but I vow to shave my head every year until I take my last breath, or childhood cancer is GONE.


Cannon Wiggins, age 4, Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, NED
Harper W., age 8, Stage 4 Wilms Tumor, relapse, Stem cell transplant
Ezequiel "EZ" Powell, age 4, Rhabdomyosarcoma


Lydia Haycraft, forever 7
Talia Joy Castellano, forever 13
Esther Grace Earl, forever 16
Zach Sobiech, forever 18

Monday, March 10, 2014


From my fundraising page on St. Baldricks, Krista The Bald Avenger:

Every day, the equivalent of a classroom of children will be diagnosed with cancer. One in five will not survive. In addition, there is no known cause of pediatric cancer, and very few medications that are designed specifically for children. Of the funds donated to cancer by the government, only 4% is designated for pediatric cancer. St. Baldrick's Foundation uses money donated for research for pediatric cancer.

I shaved my head in honor of 2yo Cannon Wiggins, in Orlando, FL, who has Stage 4 neuroblastoma. He is the reason I feel so passionate about doing this. You can find out more about him at

I also do so in the memory of Talia Joy Castanella, forever 13. 
On March 8th in Tampa, 2014, I went under the razor with Team Let's Get Baldy. But I need your help! I am asking you to donate what you can here! My original goal in 2014 was $500....I am blown away by the love and support of my family and friends! This happened 2 days before my 44th birthday. This was the BEST GIFT I ever could have received and it was one of the best days of my life!

 I feel great about doing this. After all, the hair on my head has no real value. Hair grows back-kids don't.

 NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! And there is no deadline, because cancer doesn't take a break. If you can't donate, I do understand-so if you can pass this along to your friends and family, I would greatly appreciate it! 

Here is an endorsement from my daughter, a college student and future neuroscientist:
My mom is so close to her goal of raising $1000 (yes that's one grand) for pediatric cancer research. All of the money raised will go to fund SCIENCE! But the best part is, my mom is gonna be bald. I know most of my friends on here are consistently tight on funds, but please donate if you can. Any amount will help, even just a few dollars. So yeah, let's fund some SCIENCE!

And a note from my son:
It was an exciting day and I am really proud of my mom!

Both of my kids, 19 & 12, donated to my fund. I was joined by my husband of nearly 22 years, my fantastic Brother (in-law) and a dear friend of ours, as well as a representative of Team Cannon. I wish you could feel what I did that day. It was amazing. I will post a link of the whole adventure soon. My hair is even growing back already! I LOVE my new look and I can't wait to do it again next year! 

Stay tuned to see what I have in store for 2015 ;)